For CHINA, Please Read here first!

Dear Chinese customer,
Our website is different, so please read this:

We haven not connected our website to credit card payments because the website is for Netherlands only! Not all items there are possible at this time for export.
Purchases from outside Netherlands are so many and sometimes so large that if we comply, there are no cigars left for our home market. So we divide. Part home market and part export. Website is home market!
If you want to know what’s available for export, please check here:
All in red is not available due to scarcity of Cuban cigars worldwide.
So let us know if you see something on the list, and list only. We will then check if actually available and get back to you.
Send us a message at our contact page:
greets from the Netherlands,

Olav Meijer and Yuri Dijkstra

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